Visiting Leipzig

Leipzig is a vibrant modern city with a rich jewish history and active community that offers visitors a wide spectrum of activites. 
Here you can combine enjoying the city with finding out more about your ancestors and history. 

While visiting jewish Leipzig you have access the following ressources:

  • Cemeteries 

Old jewish cemetery - Berliner Straße 123, 04129 Leipzig

New jewish cemetery - Delitzscher Str. 224, 04129 Leipzig

opening times in winter: Sunday trough Thursday: 9am - 4pm and Friday: 9am - 2pm
opening times in summer: Sunday trough Thursday: 8am - 7pm and Friday: 9am - 4pm

  • Kosher Food - kosher store & catering Löhrstr. 10, opened Thursday 5-6pm and Friday 11-12am or contact 01797718746

  • Hospitality - if you are staying in Leipzig for Shabbat or jewish Holidays there is an option to join the community for meals, please contact for details